Friday, May 15, 2009

Stomach. I hate you.

Here I am searching google at 3am wondering if Yaz (birth control) is causing my severe stomach cramps right now. I think the worst has passed, but not ready to sleep yet since my stomach is still burbling away.

I dont know if Yaz caused this or not, but I'm switching to Yasmin 28 right away. I took that for 3 years or so and it was great. I thought Yaz and Yasmin were similar enough that I'd be fine on Yaz too, and this whole first month on it was fine. I've read some bad stories about Yaz, sure, but there are horror stories about Yasmin 28 too, and I thought it was great while I was on it.

It's just in the last few days, since I switched to the 4 days of not taking it, where you're supposed to get your period, that I've had issues. I've always had stomach issues to go along with my period though, so I didn't think much of it, but this little episode was way worse than anything I've experienced before.

I mean, I did a lot of running earlier, which doesn't help, but that was awhile ago. I also ate some shortbread cookies and pretty rich chocolate, about 3 hours ago before bed. That probably didn't help. I wonder if the granola I had after running had any effect... oh well, who even knows. I'm not taking the stuff anymore.

My prescription is actually for the generic Yasmin 28, but my doctor gave me some free samples of Yaz and said, why not try them. I'm supposed to start the second month tomorrow, and so I was going to continue on the free samples of Yaz, but I guess I'll just go and get my real prescription filled. I'm scared of it now that it fucked my stomach up so badly though, because maybe the problem will continue on Yasmin 28 too...

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