Monday, March 30, 2009

Buonasera! Ceci live from Italia!

I am in my 3rd Italian city already! We went to the beach today. Well, it was almost sunny, and warm enough or only two layers, so it was quite enjoyable, but clearly not beach season yet!

This is the first time Ive been able to access internet for any length of time since our first night (in Milan.) After Milan we went to Venice, which is really expensive for everything, so I managed to spend about $10 just on sending emails to la mamma to let her know we are alive and eating healthy.

This huge tour group of Polish people just arrived at our hostel. Cool! We were the only ones here before. I am not sure if they will speak English though, as their group leader had a fairly difficult time checking them in.

Aw, I was going to upload a photo for you, but my camera is not cooperating. I can probably get one off of Dads camera tomorrow.


  1. YAYYYY! i've missed you tons and i've been waiting to hear from you! hai parlato molto?! ci vediamo, cara!

  2. Non ho parlato molto perche mi italiano is sooo bad, but good enough to order if they dont speak italian, or ask about trains and tickets.

    At this hostel they all speak good english, and then last night we went to a restaurant where the waiter talked to us the WHOLE time we were eating, because they have not had tourists here all winter so he wanted to practice his english, haha.