Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hanging out in Athens has been super-cool.fuck. Michal typed "fuck," by the way. We're currently inspecting a "mysterious" red spot on his back right now. He is always shirtless here.

We determined that he missed a spot when he put sunscreen on, so a patch got burned, and now he feels better. Now instead of being worried about it, he thinks it's cool.

Today was a nice relaxed day. Mel's sister spent the day with us, and we hung out in the botanical gardens. Matt met up with us there, and we randomly ran into Winn too, so we were all united as future roomies.


Sorry, had to go defend Mel. I think I've got some bruises, plus I'm pretty sure Michal won. Damn. When we have Winn on our roomie-team, we will totally win ice fights against any Polish boys who dare to take us on.

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