Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Twitter Account!

I just created a new twitter account for personal use. I feel obligated to write about accounting on my other one, since Accounting is part of my username!

You can now follow me @cecimeanspeas

We went have seen the 4 big sights that we bought an entry ticket for here in Ravenna, as well as the local beach. It is also raining again, so we are just having a quiet afternoon in the hostel.

The big group of Polish students is gone, although we saw them once today while sightseeing. Tonight there is another big group, only about half the size (33) people, but they are Italian, and the woman who runs the hostel tells me that they will be much louder than the Polish students.

I haven't been able to sit down and draw much this trip because it has been raining outside. I did some sketches at a fwe museums. I'm going to wander around now and see if I can find something to paint to pass the time.

Tomorrow we go to Perugia! It is supposed to rain more the two days we are there, but it will be rain in a new place! So... exciting!

Maybe the weather will clear up for my birthday in Firenze??

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