Thursday, March 26, 2009

Packed and sorta ready!

Everything I'm taking is in this bag. And that totally hip fanny pack! (Almost-there's some stuff that's going in a plastic target bag until I meet up with Dad at the airport and then HE gets to take it.

Today I sewed us little cotton "sleep sacks" to protect us from potentially dirty sheets. I hemmed my new jeans, which took hours... I ripped some audiobooks for our iPods and those long train rides.

Oh and I put little ladybugs on my backpack so I look really badass and intimidate pickpockets.

I'm getting really excited about enforced downtime without a computer or a book to read. I'm hoping that some creative juices start flowing and I can work on some projects that I've been turning around in my head for awhile.

Now I just have to get some copies made of a couple of things, and print out the confirmation numbers for a couple of reservations.

Time for... a gratuitous cute photo of Mel and Andrea from this weekend! Claw hands!

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