Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boybutante 2009!

This was my first time ever going to Boybutante, a big HIV prevention fundraiser held in Athens, GA every year. It's kind of like a big drag show, but with some non-drag performers mixed in. And hella fun, of course.

I got some videos and photos... a couple good ones in there, but it's hard to take photos of people dancing in bad lighting! I'm proud of my little Canon Powershot! I've uploaded all the decent and semi-decent photos to MySpace, but I'm having some issues with the videos.

Mary Jane getting some money :). I met her cousin when I went to the mall to buy my outfit earlier today. Yesterday. Whatever. The girls at Charlotte Russe were awesome. They asked if I was going to buy accessories to go with the shirt I picked out, and I said "Well... if you can help me pick them out." And they did! I don't usually wear a whole lot of jewelery, etc, but they helped me pick out some nice shiny stuff.

Big pot of money. Some people were giving more than just ones apparently! Those of us up close to the stage took the job of rescuing all the money that went astray and making sure it ended up in the pot. We buried the hundred under the ones after I got this photo, haha.

Athens Mayor Heidi Davidson put in an appearance. I think she goes every year. Best mayor everrrr!!

I didn't get any better quality shots of these girls, but they were awesome. Effie's Club Follies.

And on that note . . . I'd better get to sleep so I wake up in time for lunch tomorrow! Mmm, I just remembered I had ChickFilA for lunch/breakfast today (at like... 2 pm) and it was soooo good. Goodnight!

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