Friday, April 10, 2009

Ciao Mirko!

I made it to Athens, ahead of the tornadoes, but it was a bit scary! The sky got all gray and swirly above me while I was driving, just as they announced a tornado warning for the county I was driving through.

We ate dinner at Mirko tonight in Athens, which was nice. I miss Italian food, and hearing Italian all around me, and even hearing people speak English with Italian accents. So Mirko was awesome because they have good, real Italian food, and then Mirko the owner came over and talked to us in Italian. He loves us because we study Italian, and not many people around here speak any Italian.

He brought us some free cake, shipped from Milano. "Torta della nonna" and "a cake with lemon" is what he told us.

Also, I wore my new glasses.

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