Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sooo... no hiking for me today, so I just hung out for hours outside. I sat in the sun for awhile. I feel like I should be out there now, taking advantage of the nice weather, but then I might get sunburned.

I decided to go ahead and do laundry since I had 0 clean clothes, but I only have 2 days left that I need clothes for! Oh well. I will have a lot of options for those two days and my bag wont smell like dirty socks!

I was thinking of sunbathing this afternoon, but wanted to shave first, since I havent at all for the last couple weeks while traveling. I couldnt find any razors or shaving gel here, just 'depilazore'. So I gave it a go. But I think theres a secret to using it right, because it barely worked at all. I have never managed to use that stuff effectively...

The Italians who live here started putting their boats into the water today... My goal for today was to meet a hot Italian boy with a boat. No luck so far, but 5.30 is by no means the end of the day!!

There was a really cute boy in Lucca, working at his family restaurant. Maybe I should go back there and get him and bring him home with me...


  1. bring me one, too?? :)


  2. I didn't even bring any back for myself. Maybe we should go to Italy together and it'll work better ;)