Monday, April 6, 2009


I spent today hiking in the Cinque Terre, these five little towns along the coast of Italy. I am staying in Manarola, so I started out from here, intending to walk to the next town along and paint a bit.

I ran into an Australian, and we ended up walking to the next 3 towns along. Whooo, about 4.5 hours of walking, although with breaks for lunch and a couple of Fantas.

I have lots of great photos to post, especially of the sunset. Tomorrow, maybe I will actually draw or try to get some sun on the beach.

My australian hiking buddy and I didnt make any plans to meet up tomorrow, so I will start out on my own again, but there are quite a lot of people around here to meet. Lots of Germans.

Haha, I just remembered one German guy heard us talking today and asked me why there are so many Americans here now. I think that they are not happy to share their great holiday spot! Also, I am the only American I know here, so maybe there arent that many of us after all, haha.

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