Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drag Show!

I took my camera with us to the drag show on Saturday. Usually I end up leaving it at home because I won't even carry a purse with me when we go out. For now, I'm a little addicted to taking my camera with me everywhere since I got used to having it on hand all the time in Italy.

I was so excited that I got this shot. Mary Jane Dube, the drag queen above, used this photo in a flyer for her latest show!

We brought some straight guys with us. For one of them, at least, he had never been to a drag show or even a gay bar before. He was nervous about it, but had his really nice camera with him and decided he would sit on the stairs of the stage in order to take better photos, haha. I think he was still pretty freaked out, but I guess he was willing to get up close for photographies sake.

The other guy with us sat on the stairs too, to stick close with his friends, and ended up getting danced on a lot by Mary Jane, haha.

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